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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mountain Expedition!

WOOO! There's a new members only thing. It is the Mountain expedition! There should be signs in the town and stuff so click that and head towards the sign. Then in you're a member go in the tunnel on the upper right(Your right) corner. Then you should be in a room with icicles covering the exit. Click the icicles until all are small and you can pass by. After that you should be in base camp and pretty much the hardest part of the expedition is over! Just proceed and you will find yourself in a room with a branch, an ax, a log and some icicles.
FIRST: Click on the branch once the snow has covered the ax.
SECOND: The branch should now be floating next to the ax. Now click the branch until the ax is out of the snow.
THIRD: Click the ax and it should be next to the log(Or half a tree). Click on it until the tree(Log) falls.
LAST: Throw snowballs at the icicles until the fall and make the log fall and make a bridge. Now walk across the bridge.

WOOO! You're there! Now grab a red flag(It has a special action if you dance with it while only wearing a helmet, jacket and climbing shoes.) Also go in front of the camera and click it to get a background!

BUT THE ADVENTURE ISN'T OVER YET! Go back to the room before the top and in the bottom right corner you will see a big piece of ice. Click on it and it will be the entrance for a secret room!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Club Penguin Becoming Educational?

AHHHHH! There is news that Club Penguin is planning to go educational! According to a UK newspaper and many cheat sites that Club Penguin is planning to be more educational because apparently the CP team wants to mimic Sesame Street! So this means that Club Penguin is going to add educational stuff to the new games and other activities. This change might disappoint many people but we will find out how much CP is going to change in about two months.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New pin!

The new pin is in the Lodge Attic! It's the tambourine pin on the couch

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Agent Upgrade!

Club Penguin has a sneak peek for the new EPF outfits!
Agents Sneak Peek.jpg
The EPF outfits have a very reporter inspired theme to it.
 There is a new penguin that replaces the PSA agent in the home page.
Click on the rectangular thing next to the lighthouse. It is not the Spy Phone anymore(I couldn't take a picture of the agent grabbing it because of the Print Screen button Windows 7 computers don't have.)

Also, Winter Sport is closed due to HQ construction. You will find the sports catalogue in Ski Village. You can go to HQ (If you're an agent) by using your spy phone.


Monday, May 17, 2010

New Mission and the End of PSA?

There's finally a new mission! It's called The Veggie Villain! I'll have a walkthrough up soon.
Despite the good news there's also some bad news. At the end of the mission HQ gets destroyed and PSA is going to have a merger with EPF.
This is not confirmed yet, but there are many clues leading to the end of PSA. One clue is in the Events of the  Newspaper.

Will agents get paid? Payday isn't usually in the events page anymore so maybe Club Penguin put this on purpose(Unless this is just to fill our the pages). The new video game is coming out soon too so maybe the end of PSA will encourage people to buy the game and join the Elite Penguin Force.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

New DS game! And Sneak Peek.

There's a sneak peek for what looks like an extension to the EPF room!Agent Sneak Peek.jpg
 Also there will be TWO events planned for the release of the new game. May 22 in the Toys R Us(Times Square, New York) and on May 23 at the Disney Store in Glendale Galleria(Los Angeles, California)
I'm not going to any of the events because New York is on the other side of the county and Glendale is 8 hours 30 mins.(According to Google). The events planned will be awesome for sure though! The event might also be featured in Disney's Get Connected like the 3rd anniversary party in Times Square.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Herbert's Message

Herbert has a message in the newspaper! Go to the Top Secret page and open the file. Then there should be [CLASSIFIED] in the background. Put your mouse over it and it should darken. Then click it.
When you click it two notes will appear. One from the PSA and the other from Herbert. The note from the PSA shows the translation of Herbert's message. Herbert's message uses a few letters but mostly flags. To decode this message you need to know the countries that have that flag and get the country's first letter.

The first flag is Denmark. Denmark = D The next flag is Egypt. Egypt = E Argentina = A Russia = R
Poland = P Egypt = E Norway = N GU Israel = I Norway = N
Switzerland = S Israel = I LLY
Argentina = A G Egypt = E Norway = N Canada = C Y
LOOK Switzerland Hungary Argentina Russia Poland 
Argentina G Egypt Norway Turkey...
Israel 'LL Switzerland Egypt Egypt YOU O Norway M Argentina Y 18  

Well That's all!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Medieval Party Favourites

 Probably one of my favourite things in the Medieval Party is the unlimited free furniture from the dragon! So far I only have 40, but I might get more in the future.
I  also liked this one igloo. I found this before the Medieval Party though.
Alyssa___'s Igloo*
There are also some stuff in the catalogue that are not really my favorite but I have comments about. First is the Duke outfit
Some things look better in the player card.(What other penguins see is a weirdly dressed penguin with one eye.)

Another outfit is the Duchess. (I put a T in duchess when I took the photo)
Yes, that dress makes you look fat. And that wig looks like a bonnet.
Well that's all!

* I forgot the number part so I just used a _.

Knights Quest the Squeakquel!

Here's video!